Some of Edison's Inventions

Inventions: Music, Movies and Morse Code

Whenever you turn on a light, listen to recorded music, or watch a motion picture you are enjoying one of the discoveries of Thomas Alva Edison. In fact, it's difficult to go through a single day without using one of his many important discoveries. Having received 1093 patents in his lifetime, Edison helped us communicate better through his improvements to the telegraph and telephone. He brought music into our homes with his invention of the phonograph. He lit our houses with electricity by designing and building the first indoor electric lighting system.

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Experience Edison's music as it was originally recorded before CDs!
Credited with the invention of the first phonograph, you will hear Edison's early recordings played on vintage "hand-cranked" cylinder and diamond disc model phonographs. Then try to guess the many different uses proposed by Edison for this remarkable invention.

Discover how the first movies were made.
Learn about Edison's invention of the first movie projector, the Kinetoscope, and his building of the first movie studio, the Black Maria. Take a peek at what the first copyrighted film, Record of a Sneeze, looked like.

Transmit messages in Morse Code via working telegraph keys.
Explore the period boarding room which depicts Edison's life in Louisville in 1866-67, and discover the significance of the telegraph.